Showing as part of the BBC’s Real North Wales season. This new series follows hill farmer Gareth Wyn Jones as he goes on a mission to explore the Welsh food industry and discover whether Wales can change the way it feeds itself. In the first episode Gareth tries to convince the Welsh public to buy local food and in doing so support the local community.

Season 01 , Episode 01
To see if there is an appetite for local produce, Gareth opens up a pop-up shop selling nothing but the finest local produce. He has limited time available and has set himself a forty-mile radius from which to source his produce. His first stop is a small fishing cove on the Llyn Peninsula, from which Gareth heads out to sea with a local fishermen. It’s Gareth’s first time on a fishing boat, and as a man of the mountains, it’s not something he’s looking forward to. As well as a selection of seafood, Gareth also needs vegetables for his shop and he travels to Llanlechid in search of top quality produce. Chris Jones grows a wide variety of veg, but farming high in the Carneddau Mountains he is governed by the environment and the seasons. Getting enough food to fill his shop isn’t easy and Gareth calls in a favour from on old friend who specialises in top quality Welsh pork. Back on the Llyn, Gareth lends a hand on Ella Roberts’s farm but he’s got his work cut out tattooing the latest batch of piglets. Eventually Gareth has enough produce to fill his shop, but can he get local people to invest in their local economy by buying local food? (Part 1 of 3)


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