Description: Version 1.0.6 has been released! This new release features a new level “Crater: Ground Zero” where a giant alien asteroid impacted earth, creating a huge crater and spreading the zombie virus around the world. In addition to the new level, there are various fixes and improvements. All levels have been optimized for higher framerates and better performance.


  • Added new level; Crater: Ground Zero
  • Added a new jump attack for the spider


  • Spiders now do much more damage (40-60% per hit/bite)
  • Optimized Cornfield Country for better framerate and performance
  • Optimized and reworked Downtown Quarantine for better framerate and performance
  • Changed multiplayer to keep a server in the join server list even after the first round starts
  • Updated the way round stats are calculated in multiplayer games for late joining players
  • Updated the AI code to make Zombies and Spiders respond better

Release Name: Undead.Shadows.v1.0.6-OUTLAWS
Size: 429 MB
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