Update v1.1.7:

  • Units will now ignore rally flags for 30 seconds after being dropped on a prop
  • AI players will no longer try to attack players who have been defeated

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some props (Torture / Crypt) not accepting dropped units
  • Fixed that themed walls were not showing colours on impenetrable walls
  • Fixed a bug where the “Dalaran Shield” in Level 13 would disappear on a save
  • Fixed a potential issue with Saving and Loading
  • Vampire Ritual now once again supports sacrificing prsioners
  • Fixed an issue where Skirmish AI would not load correctly after a save
  • Fixed an issue where Necromancers and Beasts would not respond to rally flags
  • Fixed several issues where delay between working voiceovers
  • Fixed a visual issue where summon worker would not correctly show
  • Highguard corruption has been fixed
  • The Emperors throne in level 13 is no longer walkable
  • Fixed several issues with clients casting Blood Money in Multiplayer
  • Fixed a bug where entering a cut-scene while in possession would cause the camera to become unusable

Genres: Indie, Strategy, Early Access
Publisher: Subterranean Games
Developer: Subterranean Games

Release Name: War.for.the.Overworld.Update.v1.1.7-CODEX
Size: 361 MB
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