Release Description:
WWE 2K15 ushers in a new era of WWE video games! WWE 2K15 brings the hardest hitting and most fluid WWE gameplay to date, closer than ever to what fans see on WWE TV. With significant gameplay enhancements, a presentation overhaul, and all-new MyCAREER and 2K Showcase game modes, WWE 2K15 delivers the most authentic and action-packed WWE video game experience to date.

This Addon requires WWE2K15-RELOADED installed.

Major Updates:

  • All DLC is now available for WWE 2K15.
  • WCW Character Pack
  • NXT Arrival Character Pack
  • New Moves Pack
  • Accelerator
  • Showcase: One More Match
  • Showcase: Hall of Pain
  • Showcase: Patch of the Warrior
  • Increased the number of save Slots from 25 to 50


  • Increased performance on Min-Spec Machines
  • Fixed V-Sync issues with chain wrestling


  • Fixed some issues when unplugging or plugging in a controller after the title is boot
  • fixed a Discrepancy between keys binding for Taunt actions in Input Settings and Move Set menu


  • Fixed softcrash issues when loading leaderboards.
  • Fixed a Multiplayer De-Sync issue relating to breaking out of a pin
  • Addressed some issues with bringing up the on-screen keyboard while in the Online Lobby.
  • Tweaked Submission timing between High and Low Spec PCs


  • In-Game manual should now be visible when selecting manual from the Options menu.
  • Fixed stability on the Wrestlemania 12 and 29 Arena’s
  • Fixed Mask & Glasses & Hair Textures

Genre: Action, Simulation, Sports
Publisher: 2K
Developer: YUKE’S Co., Ltd.

Release Name: WWE.2015.DLC.Pack.Addon-RELOADED
Size: 11.1 GB
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