Season 08, Episode 06 – “Dr Fix-It-All”
It’s another busy week for Dr. Pol both in the clinic and at home. Clients take matters into their own hands and our vets have a slew of do-it-yourself doctoring to repair. Dr. Brenda’s got her hands full devising a creative treatment plan for Cash, a hyperactive blue heeler puppy whose owners had no choice but to create a makeshift splint for his broken leg. Dr. Pol sees some crafty DIY treatment himself when a client uses super glue to mend a gashed lip after his pug, Buddy, got into a fight and lost. While Dr. Pol deals with Buddy, the stakes are high for a beloved hunting dog, Sadie, as Dr. Brenda corrects a homegrown suture procedure gone wrong. As if they’re not busy enough at the clinic, Dr. Pol, Diane and Charles embark on some ambitious home improvement projects at the lake house. There are no days off for the Pols … and that’s just the way Doc likes it.


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