Here is the update of the week again. I’m sorry if it doesn’t contain that much extra content, but as I said, I had a busy week with finals. The file size is a bit bigger, because this one is build on windows vs on a mac, so that might have changed some things. Here is what I added/ changed:

  • Updated 3rd class/ crew walls textures.
  • Honor and Glory Crowning Time at Grand Staircase. (slightly low poly)
  • Fixed the poly look of the cherub and woodcarvings.
  • Tables in 1st Class Reception have been improved.
  • Paintings on Grand Staircase landings.
  • Improved multiple textures such as the wood texture on boat deck at escape mode.
  • Escape mode boat-deck has different ambient lighting and a lot more artificial deck-lights.
  • At the end of escape mode, lights have been added and the ship actually moves and sinks at the last stage and ending.
  • E-deck in escape mode has better lights and textures.
  • F-deck in escape mode has more details such as lights and metal strips on the ceiling.
  • Stained glass in the reception room has been updated so it is lit, which can clearly be seen in escape mode.
  • Pause bug, which made it impossible to pause in escape mode since I added the render distance slider in explore mode, has been fixed.
  • Better ceiling lights on A-deck in escape mode.
  • Changed some lights for better ambience on C-deck in escape mode.

Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie, Simulation
Developer: TheWgames
Publisher: TheWgames

Release Name: Fall.of.the.Titanic.Update.v1.0.3-BAT
Size: 456 MB
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