Season 03, Episode 01 – “Searching For Small Town Charm”
Chip and Joanna take their new clients, Noah and Jessica Dansby, on a tour through three homes in Hillsboro, Texas, a small charming city halfway between Dallas and Waco. The Dansby family currently lives in Hillsboro and want to stay, but their house is too small for their three growing sons. Chip and Jo found three houses that could potentially provide the Dansbys with the space and character they’re looking for. First they tour the ‘Nut House,’ a spacious home on an ideal lot, yet it is the epitome of a fixer upper after being on the market for more than two years. Next, they see the Suite House, an abode with ample space in a wonderful neighborhood, but the renovation required is daunting to the Dansbys. Lastly they check out ‘Jo’s Amazing Technicolor Dream House,’ the least spacious of the three homes on the tour, but the most affordable. Can Chip and Jo find the perfect home for this growing family? What will the first design meeting be like at the Silos? Will Chip remember his twelfth anniversary?

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