Season 03, Episode 02 – “Home Away From Home”
Baylor University graduates Chip and Joanna Gaines meet with two other Baylor alumni, Lori and Baron Craft, to tour three different houses in Waco. The Crafts live in Houston, but are looking to purchase a second home near the university in hopes that their 12-year-old son will one day live in the house and continue the family’s Baylor legacy. With a budget of $160,000, Baron and Lori are looking for a three-bedroom house full of Old Waco character. The first house they visit, the Brick House, has an awkward closed-in porch in front that looks like it belongs in the back of the house. Inside, however, the house has a lot of old character and built-in detail that holds a lot of potential. The next house they tour is the Power House in one of the most historical neighborhoods in Waco. While the house has a lot of vintage charm and a huge backyard, the house would need all new electrical wiring, which means a lot more work. Is the character of the Power House worth the amount of renovation it requires? The Black and White House is the last stop on the Craft’s tour. It lacks some of the character of the other two houses, but with beautiful hardwood floors and a cute layout on the inside, Joanna assures the Crafts that their budget is more than enough to transform the space into the house of their dreams. The Crafts face a tough decision: Which house will become their new home away from home?

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