Season 06, Episode 05 – “Launceston, Tas”
Grand Designs Australia tells the stories of new homes and perhaps more importantly the people who are building them.

Season 06, Episode 06 – “Kuipto, SA”
Opera singer extraordinaire Cate Foskett and her husband Nick, a silicon valley wizz kid, are building a home in the shape of a leaf, curved on both sides with a spine stone wall running through the middle.

Season 06, Episode 07 – “North Balgowlah Pop Art House”
An abiding love of all things 1950’s, especially American design, architecture and art has been a life-long pursuit for dedicated collectors Warwick Noble and Melanie Hughes.If it’s from the 50’s, they collect it, they wear it…… or they dance to it!They live in an old fibro house built in the 50’s by Mel’s grandfather. But its boxy design has become too tight for them and their two daughters Evie 7 and Lola aged 9, so they’ve made the decision to build from scratch, and fast track to 50’s modern.

Season 06, Episode 08 – “Turners Beach TAS”
Discover tips from the experts behind the Turners Beach House from episode 8, season 6 of Grand Designs Australia.

Season 06, Episode 09 – “Deakin, Act”
Barbara and Bill love modernist design so they’ve sought an architect designed 70s style home. Bill has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease so the home’s curved roof line and glass entrance is designed for the future.

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