Note: This series was filmed twice by the BBC, once completely in the Welsh Language with English subtitles (Y Gwyll and already posted on this site), and then again mainly in English with some spoken Welsh that has English subtitles. Each story in the Welsh version was shown in two parts, this English language version has each story in one 90 minute episode.

Season 2, Episode 1
In this new series, Mathias is under pressure. Meg Mathias, his wife, has turned up in Aberystwyth, and he’s under investigation by the IPCC following the death of Mari Davies in the last episode. When a bus driver’s body is found shot on an isolated mountainside, the investigation provides a welcome escape for DCI Mathias. The team have a suspect to question, but Mathias believes he is an unlikely killer. In his current state of mind, Mathias is fascinated by the lifestyle choices taken by ex-soldier John Bell. He also knows that he cannot avoid Meg for much longer.

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