The swagger. The glib pronouncements. The ego. The wealth. The hair. Despite the ubiquity of his surname, to many he’s simply known as “The Donald.” Love him or hate him, Donald Trump is a true American phenomenon. So where did he come from? What drives him? And what kind of leader might he make? This 2-hour HISTORY special delves into the Donald’s past, filling in the details and digging up the truth behind his legendary rise, fall and comeback.

This is the story of an American icon; His family, his business, his ambition and what makes him tick. We unveil rarely-seen footage – from Donald’s interviews with Phil Donahue, to his comments about politics from the floor of the 1988 Republican convention.

We’ll also hear from celebrities, politicians and those close to The Donald. NY Senator Al D’Amato talks about Trump’s ability to navigate the sharks in New York City’s political waters. Gossip columnist Liz Smith weighs in on Donald’s marriages. Former Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson describes Trump as a manager and friend. Former “Apprentice” contestant Omarosa takes us backstage at Donald’s reality show. Friend and advertising exec Donny Deutsch explains the “Trump” brand.

Others close to “The Donald” provide a rare glimpse into his life story. Former Atlantic City Mayor Jim Whelan talks about Trump’s uneasy first forays into building casinos. His friend and security consultant Bo Dietl takes us inside the bubble of Trump’s world-view.

Take a journey into the deals and the loves behind one of the most fascinating public figures of our time. This is “The Making of Trump.


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