J. Cole has just unleashed the second episode of his “Road To Homecoming” series. This ep, “Ain’t Nothin’ Like That,” focuses on what it takes to put a tour together. You also get a to witness life on the road with Cole as he talks about breath taking views and being inspired by Louis CK.Beyond that, you also get a glimpse into Cole’s creative process. “I’ve gotta get out a lot of average beats,” he said at one point in the vid. “One out of every ten beats will be something crazy…Beats, I can just sh-t out something average or wack and not feel bad. With verses, it’s the opposite.”“Road To Homecoming” is a four-part video series leading up to the rapper’s upcoming HBO special. The first ep, released last week, showed fans the making of 2014 Forest Hills Drive. For a full schedule of the “Homecoming” series, check out Cole’s open letter in the tweet below.

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