It is the last week of the Professional MasterChef heats, as six new and ambitious chefs set out to prove they have what it takes to win the coveted title. To progress in the competition, they must impress in two tests – first, they face the daunting skills test, before cooking a dish of their own in the signature dish round. Only the chefs who can demonstrate they have the all-round skills, technique and flair of a future champion will make it through to the quarter-final.To kick off, the first three chefs are set a skills test by Marcus, who asks them to fillet a whole plaice, steam a portion and serve it with a mushroom cream sauce, all in 20 minutes. The chefs must overcome their nerves and keep a steady hand if they are to fillet the delicate fish to the judges’ exacting standards, as well as deliver a sauce with the depth of flavour expected.The remaining three chefs are set a skills test by Monica, who asks them make the classic crepe suzette – a crepe with an orange caramel sauce, flambéed to serve. The chefs must draw on their knowledge of pastry to make a pancake batter with no recipe and a caramel sauce before serving it, flaming, for the judges, in just 15 minutes.Finally, the six chefs have one last chance to win over the judges when they cook their signature dish. They have one hour and 15 minutes to perfectly execute their tried and tested recipe for Monica, Marcus and Gregg. They must deliver on presentation, technique and flavour if they want to secure their future in the competition, because only the three strongest chefs go on to the last quarter-final and continue in their fight to win the coveted Professional MasterChef title.

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