It is knockout week on Professional MasterChef. Marcus Wareing, Monica Galetti and Gregg Wallace continue their search for the country’s next culinary superstar.After four weeks of intense competition, only the 12 most talented chefs remain. They come together for the first time to cook off against each other in the MasterChef kitchen. Their fate rests on their ability to create one outstanding dish in a high-pressure invention test. The chefs have a selection of meat, fish, fruit and vegetables to choose from, and to test them even further, the judges have removed all the modern equipment from the kitchen. The chefs will need to go back to basics using just the hobs and ovens – and their chef’s intuition – to cook a stunning plate of food. With just two hours and 15 minutes to deliver that make-or-break dish, the nerves are running high and the competition is fierce. Only the chefs who seize the opportunity to stand out from the crowd and blow the judges away with a stunning plate of food will be among the eight considered strong enough to go straight through to the next round. The four weakest chefs must pick themselves up and return to the kitchen to battle it out for the final two places in the next round. Facing another invention test with the unused ingredients from the previous round, the pressure is on for them to raise their game and produce a dish good enough to convince the judges they have future in the competition. Only the ten best chefs will continue in the fight for the title of Professional MasterChef 2015.

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