In the penultimate episode, the four remaining chefs battle for a place in the final three and the chance to travel to one of the world’s most innovative restaurants.The four finalists are set an invention test with a difference – they must create a dish without any meat, fish or poultry. After tasting their dishes, the judges will send one more chef home.The remaining three travel to the medieval city of Alba, Italy. Alba is famed for its truffles, hazelnuts and Barolo wine, and is home to a restaurant that has revolutionised Italian food – the Michelin-starred Piazza Duomo. Chef Enrico Crippa has taken the heart of traditional Italian food and pushed it in a whole new direction by putting vegetables at centre stage. With his own biodynamic kitchen garden, ingredients are picked in the morning and served by lunch, creating a unique culinary experience.The finalists must first get to grips with Enrico’s food philosophy in a masterclass where he demonstrates his signature dish Salad 21, 31, 41 – the numbers refer to the different number of ingredients in the dish, and vary according to season. The chefs must then show what they have learnt by creating a stunning dish to impress Enrico himself. The finalists return the next day and are pushed even further as they are made responsible for service in this globally-renowned restaurant. The finalists have just the morning to master dishes before ten guests arrive. The reputation of the restaurant rests in their hands and their chances of winning the competition now hinge on the most intimidating service of their lives.

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