Miranda Hart has rocketed to huge success in recent years, propelled to giddy new heights by her self-penned sitcom Miranda. Crowned the queen of comedy at the British Comedy Awards, she has also won three RTS Awards for Best Comedy Performance, been nominated for five BAFTA Awards and received an NTA for her stand-out turn in international hit series Call theMidwife.This perform – ance captures all the excitement and silliness of her rollicking live set, packed with plenty of laughs, larks and audience interaction. Miranda invites everyone to take part in a giant party with her while sharing her unique observations on everyday life. Always entertainingly honest, she reveals hilarious and, somewhat worryingly, completely true anecdotes about her own mishaps and misdemeanours.Whether discussing flatulent first dates or the freedom enjoyed by socially inept children, she animates each topic with her megawatt charisma. This is one of the UK’s best-loved comedians at her laugh-out-loud best – expect galloping, dubious attempts at song and dance, and most importantly of all… Such fun!

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