Description: Starus Excel Recovery uses one of the best data recovery engines on the market. This content-aware recovery engine comes directly from the company’s top of the line partition recovery tool, enabling low-level access to formatted, repartitioned and corrupted hard drives and other types of storage media. The low-level recovery engine reads the entire content of the device looking for matching signatures representing Excel or OpenOffice spreadsheets. After identifying a signature, the tool can then calculate the exact location and size of the file. Content-aware analysis can reliably recover files stored on corrupted, inaccessible, formatted and repartitioned hard drives in full auto mode.


  • Sheets, rows and columns
  • Dynamic items such as formulas, graphs and analytic functions
  • Embedded pictures and objects
  • Drawings and charts
  • Links, URLs and cross-references
  • Styles, borders, headers, merged cells and other table-specific formatting
  • Comments and revision marks
  • Document metadata

Release Name: Starus.Excel.Recovery.v2.2.Multilang.Incl.Keygen-BEAN
Size: 6.35 MB
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