Series 11, Episode 11 – “Interviews”
The battle to become Lord Sugar’s business partner is nearing the end, as the remaining few candidates have 24 hours to brush up on their business plans and face the formidable interview process. It’s time to get a grilling from four of Lord Sugar’s trusted advisors, Claude Littner, Claudine Collins, Mike Soutar and new addition Linda Plant. The next day, plans in hand, it’s off to one of London’s highest offices, the spectacular Leadenhall Building in the Square Mile. Lord Sugar explains that his advisors will be scrutinising their businesses and credentials, before feeding back to him so he can make his decision on who may go forward into the final. There are familiar faces, but also some surprises for the candidates, as they take turns in the spotlight, and try their hardest to impress. One by one the Final Five are called in to face the music with Lord Sugar’s unremitting mentors. Armed with CVs and business plans, the advisors show no mercy as plans are punished and characters questioned. For one candidate it’s a brutal bout as their bubble is burst leading to shattered dreams. In the boardroom, it’s excitement for some as Lord Sugar selects his favoured finalists. For others it’s game over and farewell to the £250,000, as they reach the end of the road and hear the words ‘You’re Fired’, for one last time.

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