Set against the stunning backdrop of the South African countryside, the Getaway Car puts five couples through a relationship MOT. They test their nerve, driving ability and communication skills in a series of thrilling car-based challenges. Host Dermot O’Leary is your guide through Hazard Highway, Off-Road Rage, the Drive-Thru and the high-octane finale that is the Getaway Chase. Only one team will reach the final and go helmet to helmet in a thrilling showdown with enigmatic driving legend The Stig – all in the hope of winning the £10,000 jackpot and being crowned champions.In this episode, mother Ailsa and son Thomas from Swansea. She’s been driving for 20 years and although Thomas is yet to pass his test, he thinks he’s the better driver.Someone who already knows he’s a decent driver is chauffeur James, taking part with his girlfriend Sophia. But do limo drivers make great Getaway drivers, and do limo driver’s girlfriends make great Getaway co-drivers?Flying the pink flag this week are the self-proclaimed ‘two racey and glamorous blondes’, Diana and Jane. At 54 and 68 they are ladies who lunch who are not afraid of speed.This week’s team in blue are bickering brothers Patrick and Dominic from Sunderland. Often mistaken for twins, they have been arguing all their lives. Can they put that to one side today and work as a team?Finally, from Brighton come shopkeepers and life partners Tim and Soly. Tim fancies himself as a bit tasty behind the wheel. Soly doesn’t agree and is quite vocal about it.


MP4 | AAC VBR | 329MB