This is wonderfully purist, blokey television. All the programme consists of – and there are two more this week – is James May putting a machine back together, but it’s complete shed-dwelling, oily-fingered joy. He starts tonight with the 331 constituent parts of a Sutton Colt lawnmower laid out neatly on a table and, one by one, he assembles them. The lawnmower is from 1959 and, in a good way, the programme might as well be too. It’s instructional (gudgeon pins! Strangler flaps!) and satisfying but cheeringly daft too. When a part won’t fit into the piston, May gripes about British engineering, muttering, “That looks like it was machined with a knife and fork by the council.” He also drops in trivia along the way: did you know lawnmowers were once pulled by camels?

Season 1, Episode 1 – “Lawnmower”
James explores the intricacies and engineering of various objects by putting them together again from a pile of their component parts. In the opening instalment, he is faced with the 331 pieces that make up the Suffolk Colt, a 1959 petrol lawnmower.

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