Five more amateurs try to prove to judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace that they have the potential to be the 2016 MasterChef Champion. Firstly, the contestants are given just one hour and fifteen minutes to dazzle the judges when they are asked to cook their Calling Card, a practised dish that represents just who they are as a cook and showcases their talent. After tasting all five dishes, John and Gregg, without telling each other, each pick their favourite dish. If they both choose the same dish then they will select their second preference. The two lucky cooks will be safe – for now – and sail straight through to the second test. The remaining three contestants must cook again in a ‘sweet or savoury’ Invention Test. The hopefuls are presented with two trays – one contains the ingredients for a sweet dish, the other has ingredients for a savoury dish. The contestants must decide whether to create a savoury dish using guinea fowl as the main ingredient or a sweet dish using ginger as the central ingredient. They also have access to the larder. Once they’ve made their decision, the amateur cooks have just one hour to create a dish that will impress the judges and earn them a place in the next round. The stakes are high as, after this cook-off, one of the amateurs will be sent home. The four remaining cooks now have one more challenge standing between them and a quarter-final place. They have to cook two courses that will excite not just John and Gregg, but also some very special guests. Some of MasterChef’s most inspiring winners return to judge the food of this year’s new contenders to the throne.


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