After four weeks of fierce competition only the 14 best cooks remain, and the battle is on as they come together for the first time and cook off against each other across two shows.The amateurs are split into two groups – the red team and the blue team – with seven cooks in each. Each set of contestants faces a daunting cook-off based on a brief given by John and Gregg. Their challenge is to create one dish inspired by a family favourite or food from their childhood. Once both groups have finished cooking, John and Gregg decide who is good enough to continue in the competition.The red team are the first to cook. In one hour and 30 mins, they must deliver just one dish that stands out from the crowd and proves to the judges that they have a future in the competition. However, they won’t find out their fate just yet, as they’ll have to wait until the blue team have cooked before John and Gregg will choose who stays and who goes.Who will crumble under the pressure and who will prove they have what it takes to take another precious step towards being crowned MasterChef Champion 2016?


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