Photoshop has grown to be a part of our everyday – even the verb ‘to Photoshop’ makes an appearance in the Collins English dictionary. So it’s no wonder why more and more people are familiarising themselves with its image-transforming capabilities. While it might seem to i rst-timers that there are a bal ing array of buttons and icons on the Photoshop interface, we encourage you to imagine it as an artist’s toolbox, and that space in the middle is your blank canvas. From basic photo editing skills, to colour corrections, i lters and selections, this newly revised Photoshop for Beginners will guide you through all the techniques you need. Not to mention some fun creative projects to try. We even provide online resources such as tutorial i les, brushes, textures and video tutorials to start you on your Photoshop journey. You’ll be creating artistic masterpieces in no time! So get Photoshopping!

Photoshop For Beginners 10th Edition, 2016
English | PDF | 196 pages | 38.53 MB