Season 09, Episode 05 –  “Dreams of Cookies and Cream”
The buyers head to Moreno Valley and descend upon auctions at a facility that has been known for great scores. Mary hopes to follow the others to a solid locker, while Dave is intent on a score of his own or making the others pay heavily for theirs. Ivy and Rene both get massive lockers packed with goods, but only one will hit a massive pay day.

Season 09, Episode 06 – “Who Wet the Sheets?”
The hunt for treasure continues among the lockers of Riverside, CA. Jarrod and Brandi try to teach a hard lesson to Bozek, but the price of education may be too high. Ivy tries to hit a high pay-off with a low buy-in while Darrell and Brandon limp into a locker that may leave them all wet.


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