Season 31, Episode 06 – “The Forgotten Holocaust Survivors”
Krishan Guru-Murthy travels to Israel to reveal how thousands of Holocaust survivors are spending their final days living in poverty, struggling to afford basic food and heating. Since the Second World War, the German government has paid into an international body, the Claims Conference. However, in 2009 the body was rocked by a scandal at its headquarters in New York, in which an estimated $57million was stolen through fraud. Some claim the Claims Conference still lacks accountability, though Shlomo Gur, of its Israel office, insists the organisation is transparent.

Season 31, Episode 07 – “The Betrayal Of Kenya’s Athletes”
With the World Anti-Doping Agency deadline for Kenyan athletics to put its house in order fast approaching, Ade Adepitan travels to Kenya to hear allegations of continued doping and corruption. Kenyan long-distance runners often dominate at the Olympics, at World Championships and on the professional marathon circuit, but more than 40 athletes have failed doping tests since 2012. Kenya has already missed a succession of deadlines to tackle the issue, but its government now claims it will pass legislation criminalising doping by early May.

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