He was the world’s most wanted drug trafficker. For decades, the ruthless Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman destroyed millions of lives and reaped billions of dollars. But when he was finally captured a few weeks ago, pulled out of a sewer in Mexico wearing a filthy singlet over his middle-aged paunch, El Chapo looked more like El Cheapo. While law enforcement authorities rejoiced at his arrest, they are not even close to mission accomplished in the brutal war against drugs. In fact, the reality is just the opposite. Business is booming. El Chapo’s Sinaloa cartel rules with murderous force and record quantities of drugs are still being smuggled around the world. Australia is the new market place where the street value of a kilo of cocaine is 10 times that of America. Liz Hayes goes inside El Chapo’s secret tunnels, patrols the dangerous drug streets of Mexico and speaks to the drug cops who hunted El Chapo.

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