Janet Emery has been trying for decades to find her birth mother, who left a young Janet with relatives to start a new life in Canada during World War II. After years of unsuccessfully trawling through records, Janet had given up on her search, but her daughter Deborah refused to give up and made it her mission to track her grandmother down. In the process, she found a great-aunt and cousins still living in the UK. Now, as they meet for the first time and share information, Janet is confronted with photographs she had never seen before of her mum in Canada, along with two children from her marriage to a Canadian serviceman – Janet’s half-sisters. A family-tracing agency is drafted in to trace the sisters, and now all Janet and Deborah can do is wait.And we meet Denise Wilson, who was adopted as a baby and had always wanted to find her birth mother. After years of searching, Denise finally traced and met up with her mum, Elsie, and discovered that she had four other half-sisters, all of whom had been given up for adoption. Now Denise meets up with her new-found sister Kathy, and they travel together to Manchester, where they were both born. Kathy takes Denise on a trip down memory lane to the house where she grew up with her adoptive family.

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