As a schoolgirl, Sarah Lindfield became pregnant and made the heartwrenching decision to give her baby son Daniel up for adoption. All his life Daniel Williams, now called Iwan, longed to meet his birth mum. At the age of 21 Iwan requested his adoption papers from social services. The papers revealed his mother’s full name, but Iwan still had to find the courage to make contact. Years later, with the help of a genealogist, Iwan tracked down his mum’s address, and mother and son soon met up. Overjoyed to have found each other, they now meet up again to see the house where Sarah lived when pregnant with Iwan.Hussin Zahra was a successful businessman in Syria, but when civil war broke out he realised he had to flee for the safety of his family. Together with his wife, children and extended family, Hussin travelled to a refugee camp in Egypt. He then made the decision to leave his wife, daughters and baby son in Egypt, while he, his 11-year-old son and his nephew made the perilous passage across the Mediterranean in a refugee boat. Once in Calais, they lived in a refugee camp before travelling to the UK in the back of a lorry. Securing asylum, Hussin turned to the British Red Cross to trace his family. After seven months and the involvement of a huge international team, the Red Cross finally brought Hussin’s family over to the UK. They are now all happily living in Birmingham and building a new life for themselves.

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