A beginner’s guide to mastering the art of home winemaking
This book introduces the novice to the fascinating hobby of making country wine at home, using an infinite variety of ingredients, many of which can be gathered free from the garden. Instructions include what equipment you will need to get started; how to rack, process, and mature your wine; how to help the fining and filtering process; understanding and treating common wine disorders; and how to train your palate so that you are able to judge the relative qualities of the wine you produce. Home-made wines have been made for hundreds of years and it is fortunate for us that many of the old recipes that still form the basis of country wines today have been handed down through the generations. This book includes 55 recipes using fruit, flowers, grain, honey, leaves, and vegetables.

How To Make Wines at Home: Using Wild and Cultivated Fruit, Flowers and Vegetables by Kenneth Hawkins
English | ePUB | 176 pages |1 MB
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