• Crystal special 0 new does a 3 hit combo (used to do 1hit)
  • Crystal neutral attack has a bigger hitbox and can be comboable much more easily
  • Chandoo normal combo works as it should (used to get out of the combo after the 2nd hit)
  • Chandoo can do much more combos from his attacks to his special
  • If you block (without doing a Perfect Block) you can’t Perfect Block during the next 15frames. No more spam block for Perfect blocks infinite life
  • Dreamer special 3 had damage way too high, it’s been fixed


  • Some tweak on the IA to make it better


  • Some Achievements were impossible, they should be fixed now
  • Duke Story didn’t have all the good text, it’s fixed
  • In 2v2, if you are on the ground and hitting a button, an icon appears above your corpse

Release Name: LASTFIGHT.Update.v1.01-CODEX
Size: 112 MB
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