Season 1, Episode 5 – “Costa Rica”
Series finale. Dropped off by a gruff fisherman on a Costa Rican island, Russell must tool up with enough internet knowledge to escape nature’s clutches, navigate the seas and find his way back to civilisation. All with just his mobile phone. For he is convinced that as long as he chooses his partner carefully, the duo can survive with no survival skills or knowledge of the local language and customs, because a smartphone has all the answers they’ll need. But will they be able to video-call, YouTube, Google, How-To, search their way to civilised life?

His chosen companion this time comes in the shape of snowboarding heroine and Olympian Jenny Jones. She brings with her an array of very capable online followers, but can they help when it counts? Russell and Jenny, these ‘internet explorers’, will discover that paradise is actually sun-scorched and teeming with deadly scorpions and snakes. As they’re slowly cooked they’ll call down knowledge from The Cloud to help them spearfish, cobble together a raft, and remove the head from Central America’s hardest sea creature. Only the internet can prevent this journey from turning sour as Russell and bikini-clad Jenny realise this will not be a beach holiday, but the hardest survival mission of all.

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