Release Description:
Inside Donald Trump’ allows you to step into the hands of a master surgeon, dedicated to saving Mr Trump’s life by replacing his ailing heart – but will you replace it with a heart of gold, or a heart of stone? THE CHOICE IS YOURS! There are lots of new professional-grade
medical tools to help you with your surgery; you can ease Donald’s medicated sleep using Trump Vodka, gently caress him with a meaty Trump Steak or loosen his organs with the Trump Tower, plus a few other Trump-related surprises (some of them involving hands).

Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary Edition (A&E) Contains:

  • A BRAND NEW heart transplant operation! Donald Trump is the patient, you are the surgeon. Cast your vote via surgery – will you give him a heart of gold, or a heart of stone? – Eye and teeth operations.
  • Updated graphics – slicker, smoother, shinier.
  • Additional environments – you’ll get to try surgery while racing down a hospital corridor.
  • TF2 Mode – be the Medic and operate on the Heavy.
  • Alien autopsy level – Surgery in space!
  • Stat tracking for your last 9 surgeries. Tune your skills. Malpractice makes perfect, remember?
  • 51 achievements – (including 9 new achievements from ‘Inside Donald Trump’).
  • That amazing soundtrack pumping soundtrack.
  • From carrying out terrifying transplants in theatre, to surgical procedures in the hospital corridor, Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary Edition takes malpractice to the next level

Genre: Action, Indie, Simulation
Developer: Bossa Studios
Publisher: —

Release Name: Surgeon.Simulator.Anniversary.Edition.Inside.Donald.Trump-TiNYiSO
Size: 827 MB
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