Celebrity Masterchef UK S8E14 PDTV XviD TM

It’s Finals Week on Celebrity MasterChef, and the four remaining cooks continue to battle for the Celebrity MasterChef title. The celebrities’ first challenge is their most daunting yet – John’s Palate Test. John cooks a highly complex dish – Korean fried chicken with Asian salad – which the celebrities have to taste and then identify the ingredients in. They then have one hour and fifteen minutes to recreate the dish themselves.Then, in their last challenge as a quartet, the celebrities must cook two dishes of their own design for four of the country’s most feared restaurant critics for a place in the final three. Serving food to these masters of the dining room is a daunting task for even the most adept chefs, and the celebrities’ choice of dishes are key to securing them a place in the final. Will their ingredients, flavours and presentation be enough to impress, or will they fall short of the mark and lose their chance to be Celebrity MasterChef? By the end of tonight’s show only the three best cooks will still be in the running for the title.

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