Chaos Reborn 1.9 sees a major upgrade to offline battles and general improvements for global chat and Law Mode battles.

  • The offline battles now allow up to 6 wizards with team selection and map selection
  • The global chat is now separated from the friends list and is accessible from an icon on the lower left of the screen. It is more easily accessed during battles.
  • Mana cost of mega-spells increased with each activation – by 20% in law mode, 10% in chaos mode
  • In Law mode the amount of mana given per turn depends on the number of wizards left alive in the battle, ranging from 15 mana for 2 wizards to 8 mana for 6 wizards.
  • Tutorial and Realms now show options for law or chaos mode before starting.
  • Game guide now has information for law mode
  • Inventory items limit increased to 500
  • Power of paralyse spell increased slightly
  • Meteor Shower now attacks target hex and all surrounding hexes (unless they contain a wizard). Power is reduced slightly.
  • Crystal Wall casting chance reduced from 80% to 70%.
  • Air Elemental attack increased by 10.
  • Fountain of life varies in height properly after uses.
  • In law mode, magic attack on wizards correctly shows results of losing spells, and spell description is corrected.
  • There are also numerous other bug fixes and minor improvements.

Genre: Indie, RPG, Strategy
Developer: Snapshot Games Inc.
Publisher: Snapshot Games Inc.

Release Name: Chaos.Reborn.Update.v1.9-CODEX
Size: 66.11 MB
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