Child Genius returns as 16 of the country’s cleverest eight to 12-year-olds – and their extraordinary parents – battle for the title of Britain’s brightest child in the Child Genius competition.Led by quizmaster extraordinaire Richard Osman, this four-part series opens with the demanding Maths and Memory rounds. Among those competing are 12-year-old Mog, who entered himself to prove that you don’t need pushy parents to win. Simon, from Essex, has trained his 11-year-old son Christopher for the show for the past three years. Together they’ve analysed every previous episode to find a way to win. Hayley returns to the competition two years after her eldest, Curtis, took part, hoping her 11-year-old daughter Sophia can win. There’s also Max from west London, whose mum Fanny wants him to embrace his intellect. But with ADHD, how will he respond to the competition?

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