Cam Attree is a fine art photographer and photo educator based in Brisbane, Australia. A photographer for over 20 years, he’s been focused on artistic nude imagery for the last 12 years, experimenting with various lighting and photographic techniques both in the studio and on location. Cam is renowned worldwide for his gentle approach to photographing the female form. Often described as sensual yet sensitive, without being overly sexual. It’s a style of nude photography that appeals to both a male and female audience. Over the years he has worked with a variety of different cameras, in both film and digital. Everything from large format cameras using wet plate collodion, Polaroid film, 35mm, medium format and large format black and white film to the latest digital cameras. All have their own look, feel and unique intricacies which Cam utilizes to expand his creativity. His favorite style of artistic nude photography involves combining the human form with a natural landscape, often referred to as “Nudescapes,” yet he is equally at home in the studio, experimenting with different lighting techniques using studio flash or various constant light sources. Cam provides tuition and runs workshops on the Art of Nude Photography as well as other general photography lighting techniques in Brisbane and around Australia. He has also just introduced a three day Art of Nude Photography workshop based near Queenstown, New Zealand in April 2016. He has participated in a number of exhibitions showcasing his art nude imagery and also produced a limited edition, fine-art coffee table book of art nudes from a trip to Baja, Mexico in 2011. His most recent project is entitled “Immersion” which is a photographic exploration of both aspects its meaning. 1. The action of immersing someone or something in liquid. 2. Deep mental involvement in something. The subjects, while literally immersed in a shallow pool of water, often slip into a semi-conscious state; a daydream which allows the sub conscious mind to reflect and rise to the surface, often revealing an alternative guise.

Figure & Form – Issue 1
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