We humans have always been fascinated by our world, and over hundreds of thousands of years we’ve built up a body of knowledge about the things around us so we know what they are, how they work, how they interact, and what the processes are underlying everything from the migration patterns of birds and other animals, to the forces that hold us all on the ground. This is science, and it is one of the most inspiring and vast voyages that mankind has ever made. This edition of the How It Works Book of Junior Science has been jam-packed full of the most incredible things about our planet, from our own bodies to the animals we share the world with, and the science that supports it all. It’s been written to feed young minds with the incredible stories behind superheroes’ powers and mega waterfalls, the greatest predators and the science of pimples, to inspire the next generation of scientists to keep on exploring, as there is still so much to discover.

How It Works – Book of Junior Science (5th Edition, 2016)
English | 180 pages | True PDF | 52 MB