Nick Cannon and his Wild ‘N Out cast have wowed the television audience for over 10 years, and now they are headed out on the road to perform for the people live! The best of Wild ‘N Out comics and improvisers load a tour bus and hit the road on a 12-city (US) tour as thousands of fans fill auditoriums and arenas to “wild out”, enjoy hilarious stand-up comedy and play the games that make Wild ‘N Out famous. City to city, viewers will get a mix of stage performances and behind the scenes antics during the cast’s activities on and off the bus — visiting landmarks, enjoying local city fare, and pranking each other all along the way.

Season 1, Episode 1 – “Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania”
The Wild ‘N On Tour cast officially kick off the tour in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania; The group establish the rules of the tour bus, perform their first comedy show at Bloomsburg University and go zip lining in Louisville, Kentucky.


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