This young Robin of Locksley is full of energy, courage and humor. At 10 years old, Robin and his friends live more adventures than most adults do — without missing an opportunity to have fun — as they stand up to Prince John’s silly antics in Sherwood Forest. Throughout the series, viewers meet new heroes and reunite with iconic characters from the Robin Hood franchise, including Maid Marian, charming Little John, grumpy Tuck and Robin’s funny cousin Scarlett in a mix of magic, friendship and a whole lot of excitement along the way. With Richard the Lionheart away at war, it’s up to Robin and his adventurous pals to save the day. The series opens with Robin foiling Prince John’s attempt to find his den and retrieve the gold he’d unjustly stolen from the villagers. The bandits kidnap Lady Rohesia to learn about the secret of the philosopher’s stone.

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