How do you define a graphic novel? If you take the term in its literal sense, then you’re looking at single, selfcontained stories, rather than collected serials and ongoing comics. And that would discount most of your favourites. No Dark Knight Returns, no V For Vendetta (both originally serialised), no Love And Rockets (an ongoing title)… Clearly, we weren’t going to go down that route with this list. Instead, this is a selection of our 100 favourite graphic novels, ongoing comics, collected editions and individual volumes of larger series in all genres. It’s a broad slate of titles that we think are essential reading, from super-hero classics to the smartest indies. It’s a diverse list where each book has only one thing in common: they’re all really, really good. Are there gaps? Oh, for sure! There are way more than 100 great comics out there and we’ve tried not to lean too hard on specific creators (there’s more than a little Alan Moore and Grant Morrison here, but they both could have been far more dominant). But I hope you’ll find something cool and new that you want to try as well as a selection of your old favourites.

The 100 Greatest Graphic Novels Of All Time
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