This episode’s couples include sisters Jodi and Aimi. They describe themselves as ‘hilarious’ and ‘loving’, and those qualities are severely tested as they take the wheel of Little Miss Daisy, Hazard Highway’s flowery VW Golf. Binny and Neil from Brighton are rock gods in the making. This husband-and-wife team agree that Binny should be the driver, based on Binny’s logic: ‘I generally rule the roost and get what I want.’Dave and Paula are from the Outer Hebrides. As an ex-HGV driver, Dave is used to long distances but can their close relationship hold up during the trip around the Getaway Car course?Pete (‘the calm one’) and Richard (‘definitely the leader’) are lifelong friends from Rotherham and Barnsley. As little tykes they went to nursery together, then primary school, then secondary school, then university. That’s a lot of history to put the test. Can they bag that £10K?Finally from London comes a Thai kickboxing double act, friends Talibah and Ami. They are both incredibly competitive, but driver Talibah only passed her driving test a little over a year ago and Ami in the passenger seat passed hers a decade ago. Even they are wondering if they have made the right choice.


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