Only one team will reach the final and go helmet to helmet in a thrilling showdown with enigmatic driving legend the Stig – all in the hope of winning the £10,000 jackpot and being crowned champions.At 18 years of age, Dan from Cheltenham is this series’ youngest driver. Co-driver Andy is Dan’s dad, and it’s safe to say he’s definitely the childish one here.From Troon in Scotland come Chris and Laura. Laura has an unexpected phobia that suggests she may not be an ideal candidate for success on the show – car see-saws! Will husband Chris be sympathetic and help Laura, or will he just laugh and take the Mickey?Civil partners Kelly and Kellie – nicknamed K1 and K2 – may share the same name, but do they share the same determination and teamwork to get away from the Stig?You can take the girls out of Essex, but can you take Essex out of the girls? Best friends for life Megan and Sophie have the looks, the hair, the nails and the accent that spell out ‘stereotype’, but behind the wheel the cliches go right out of the window.Team Green this week are tube drivers and best friends Trevor and Benn. These two London geezers have the gift of the gab, but they’ll need more than attitude to be this week’s champions. Mind the doors, please, they’re coming through.


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