Another day, another delirious set of teams putting their relationships to the test on the purpose-built, crazy and chaotic Getaway Car obstacle course in South Africa. The thermometer is stuck on hot, the cars are gleaming in the Cape Town sunshine, and Dermot O’Leary is slathered in factor 50 yet still looks impossibly cool. Which of today’s teams will spin out on the Hazard Highway, Off-Road Rage or the Drive-Thru, and who will be going helmet to helmet in a £10,000 midnight chase with the Stig? Could it be Adrian and Annika from London? He is very, very chatty, and she is, well, long-suffering. Have they got it in them to be champions? Or could it be driver Jordan and co-driver Amanda from Cheshire? A good co-driver is one who is ‘calm under pressure’, ‘supportive’ and ‘encouraging’. Fiery can be less helpful, but they reckon their love, their bond, and his ability to do as he is told will see them victorious. Mo and Betty, both retired and from Somerset, may have a few more miles on the clock than some of their rivals, but this husband-and-wife double act have determination, an uncanny sense of what the other’s thinking and Mo’s erratic driving skills on their side. Could it be best buddies Suzie and Mark from Kent? Can these all-singing, all-dancing, all-driving performers overcome their self-proclaimed ‘dumb and dumber’ handicap to strive for glory?


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