Another day, another delirious set of teams putting their relationships to the test on the purpose-built, crazy and chaotic Getaway Car obstacle course in South Africa. The thermometer is stuck on hot, the cars are gleaming in the Cape Town sunshine, and Dermot O’Leary is slathered in factor 50 yet still looks impossibly cool. Which of today’s teams will spin out on the Hazard Highway, Off-Road Rage or the Drive-Thru, and who will be going helmet to helmet in a £10,000 midnight chase with the Stig? Could it be be Shaan and Hannah from London? Sweet, charming and gushingly in love, have this couple got the inner steel to see off the opposition? What about brothers Sam and Oli from Surrey? Baby-faced and sports-mad, these boys have no fear and are unrelentingly enthusiastic. Or could it be business partners and best friends Dean and Steve from south Wales? The Getaway Car’s first second-hand car salesmen can flog a set of wheels in a heartbeat, but have they got the in-car teamwork to get to the final? South London mother and daughter Martina and Eileen are fiercely competitive and claim to love a good challenge – the only obstacle would appear to be how they have chosen who’s going to drive. Martina only recently passed her test, while her Mum has been driving for 30 years. Cathy and Sophie from Liverpool are the week’s second mother-daughter combo – driver Cathy can usually be found behind the wheel of a roadsweeper, so how will she handle a hot hatchback? Sophie, meanwhile, is one of England’s leading young boxers. They sound like a pretty invincible duo.


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