Another day, another delirious set of teams putting their relationships to the test on the purpose-built, crazy and chaotic Getaway Car obstacle course in South Africa. The thermometer is stuck on hot, the cars are gleaming in the Cape Town sunshine, and Dermot O’Leary is slathered in factor 50 yet still looks impossibly cool. Which of today’s teams will spin out on the Hazard Highway, Off-Road Rage or the Drive-Thru, and who will be going helmet to helmet in a £10,000 midnight chase with the Stig? Behind the wheel today are: Best friends and flatmates Charlotte and Gloria from Hertfordshire. They arrive with no nerves and no plan, but do they have no hope? Father and son Jonny and Joss, who are always trying to outdo one another. It’s hard to know who is the more childish, but dig a little bit and it’s obvious that super-proud dad Jonny reckons his lad is in with a chance. Uniting Colchester and Los Angeles are husband-and-wife duo Malcolm and Deanna. He’s the strong silent type, but don’t expect a quiet time from this competitive twosome. Deanna is what you might call the chatty type. Dewy-eyed couple Mark and Clare. Very much in love and only an item for 12 months, you have to ask whether this relationship road test will be the making of them or whether the sound of wedding bells will be drowned out by wheelspins Mother and daughter Tracey and Sam from Gateshead. She adores her ‘little’ boy (he’s 21!) and he has the patience of a saint. Will he be able to direct his mum to glory while she is dabbing a tissue on his cheek to remove a smudge?


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