Dave Myers swaps his cookery for bricks and mortar as he joins a construction firm restoring buildings that have made Britain great.

Season 01, Episode 01 – “Doncaster Mansion House”
Dave Myers visits is in South Yorkshire to visit one of Doncaster’s finest buildings, the Mansion House. One of only five ever built in the UK, it was designed to attract the cream of society to Doncaster. The Grade I-listed building is undergoing a £300,000 renovation as the roof is in need of repair and the facade has lost its sparkle. It was construction firm William Anelay’s first commission in the 1740s and they are back on site to make the repairs, with Dave’s help. Dave also discovers why Doncaster was a top destination for nobility in the 18th century, visiting its famous race course, home to one of Britain’s most prestigious horse races, the St Ledgers Cup.

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