What were the fi rst cities of the ancient world like? How big were dinosaur teeth? How did pirates battle their way up to become the terror of the seven seas? Why was the Terracotta Army found buried beside the tomb of a Chinese Emperor? The How It Works Book of Incredible History is dedicated to answering all these questions and many more. In this new edition we journey through the ages and celebrate history’s most intriguing customs, traditions and inventions – ones which changed the world forever. Not only will you traverse time periods, you will tour time zones via our eclectic range of subjects: the ancient world, iconic buildings and landmarks, weapons and warfare, masterful inventions, infl uential visionaries and prehistoric predators. Packed with fascinating facts and fi gures accompanied by gorgeous photographs, diagrams and illustrations, turn the page and be inspired as history is brought to life before your eyes!

How It Works Book of Incredible History 7th Edition
Imagine Publishing Ltd | 2016 | English | ISBN: 1785463616 | True PDF | 180 pages | 49,66 MB
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