Episode 05
This week we have two stories of children desperate to find missing parents: A son who wants his father to be proud of him, and a woman searching for the youngest birth mother we’ve ever come across, who was only 13 years old when she had her.

Episode 06
This week two stories of women trying to bring their families back together. Whenever 62-year-old Val Moorhouse receives a card from her daughter Marisa, whether birthday or Christmas, Marisa signs her name, but also signs on behalf of her brother, Stephen – the son and brother who has been missing from their lives for 40 years. With a successful career, a happy daughter and beautiful home, 37-year-old Sam Cashmore has a life many people would envy, but her path to happiness has been overshadowed by the absence of two important women in her life. Today she desperately wants to be reunited with her birth mother and sister.

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