Ambitious builds, the tightest of budgets and a desperate need for fresh ideas united the projects that Kieran Long and Piers Taylor followed on The House That £100K Built. The self-builders created some remarkable houses, but they weren’t yet finished homes. Now, Piers is back to tackle a final set of challenges – it is now or never as the owners battle to complete their homes for good.

Wajid and Anam from Burnley have now completed more of their ambitious house in their own luxurious style – but have hit a problem. They are struggling to make the largest room, which sits at the heart of their home, feel welcoming. But how do you make big rooms feel homely without just putting up walls? Piers searches for an ingenious design solution to solve it. Having drawn a blank with traditional furnishings, he delivers a radical idea inspired by a fashionable hotel, but can Wajid and Anam pull of the idea for just £1,000?

In north east Scotland, the dream Heidi and Steven had for a home of their own has become a reality – they are settled into their family home with their two young children. The home is perfect but it still sits in a barren piece of wasteland. The seemingly impossible challenge here is to turn a pile of builders’ rubble into a stunning, usable garden that is safe to play in for just £1,000! Piers takes a risk and shows them an extraordinary piece of landscape architecture in Edinburgh which could inspire a breathtaking design, but with such a tight budget, can it be done? Recycling building materials and an ingenious way of sourcing very cheap turf could be the answer.

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