Jon and Kate’s feud remains unresolved and it looks as though he is heading for yet another war of words – this time with Chloe Sims. When Gemma spots Jon outside her shop, she takes the opportunity to do some flirting. At the pool party later, Jon contacts Kate and asks for a private conversation – will he give her the apology she is waiting for? Chloe M is looking to build bridges with Megan and approaches her with Courtney at the pool party, but Megan proves less forgiving – can their friendship ever really recover? Gatsby introduces Lydia and Chloe Lewis to his cousin Monty, and Chloe L gets tearful with Lydia when she says how alone she feels now she is single. Tommy and Georgia catch up with Tommy’s good friend Nathan and his girlfriend Cara as the two couples go bowling, while Arg and Debbie chat for the first time since Arg’s split with Lydia.


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